About McIntyre Storage

McIntyre Storage is a brand new self storage facility at 58th and McIntyre.  It’s a great location for people living in Golden and Arvada.

The manager’s name is Julie.  She is a long time Colorado resident.  She has lots of experience with self storage.  She’s friendly and always happy to help. Julie can help you decide how much space you need.  She can help make sure you have good insurance.

Julie is a professional and easy to work with.  Her customer service attitude is refreshing. She keeps the prices low.  You will not be paying high prices even though it’s a brand new facility.

We have the latest in safety and security.  There are lots of lights everywhere. High resolution cameras watch and record everything 24/7.  The manager lives on the property. The owner is local with deep ties to the community.

There are lots of storage unit sizes.   We can help with almost any storage need.  Every unit has been specifically engineered with the tallest doors possible.  We make sure you can take advantage of all the space.

We have giant 15×40 storage units with tall automatic doors, and high ceilings.  In these large units we are proud to offer electricity, heat, and Internet. You can easily store a giant class A motorhome, run a drywall business, restore old cars, etc.  There is enough space and height to store extremely large items

There are inside storage units from 5×5 to 10×20.  These units are conditioned summer and winter. They avoid extremes in temperature.

There are drive-up storage units from 5×10 to 15×40.  You can back a truck directly to these units. There are no elevators and no hallways.  

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